Dowell Holding Group (DHG) was founded in Los Angeles, California in September 1999. Over the last 20 years of dedicated hard work, DHG has earned an outstanding reputation in international trade, restaurant supply fulfillment, brand management, warehousing expertise, and logistics.

From our beginnings, DHG has experienced three distinctly different stages of growth and development. All stages have contributed to our strong foundation and to the formation of DHG’s unique business model and company culture.

DHG’s first growth phase was from 1999 to 2005. This initial phase was a challenging period in which our company’s survival was severely tested. Some of the challenges included limited sales, few products, and unstable manufacturing partners. We were faced with a lack of customers, funds, and employees. These difficulties taught us that DHG must have a unique business model to survive in this competitive market. It was clear we needed to develop and execute a defined vision to grow and succeed.

DHG’s second period of growth was from 2006 to 2012. During this time DHG established a solid business base where we expanded many new opportunities from both existing and new customers.

We became a sought-after enterprise by manufacturing partners due to our desire to create fair-minded business relationship. DHG focuses on maintaining credibility, sincerity, and win-win cooperation business ethics as our core values.

Our main goal focused on providing the best results for our customers. During this time, DHG gained many American companies’ trust and recognition through our results oriented, unique service.

Our customers recommended new products to develop which helped us source new manufacturing partners around the world to help build a solid foundation to our company.

DHG’s third development phase started in 2013 and is ever-growing. By the start of this period, a clear strategic plan had evolved from our previous experiences, including a more refined balance of compassionate and professional management of the organization.

DHG’s mission and responsibility continues to focus on resource integration, innovation, leadership, and growth for our customers and employees. We want to enrich the lives of those around us, promote products that are sustainable and sensitive to the environment, and truly give back to our communities.

We have improved overall business efficiency, optimized partnerships, developed brands, and expanded our team of outstanding talents; all which are never-ending endeavors.

Other milestones include integrating operating facilities, expanding our geographic reach, and implementing DHG-ERP systems to improve internal management. DHG grows and thrives under these conditions.

DHG will continue to evolve as a fast-growing company in the future by adapting to the needs of the market and distinguishing ourselves through our excellent business model, supported and enhanced by our core values. We combine vision with passion to make our ideal world come true!

Our Mission Statement

“ Dedicated to being your primary resource partner, Dowell Holding Inc is committed to finding the best solutions with premium products and excellent services. We are Globally Connected, Locally Selected. ”